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Lesson plans for use with the online course material will be made available to authorized instructors with the understanding that the content will be protected, (i.e., not shared, distributed, nor compromised in any manner.)  For a current course listing and revision dates see the COURSE DESCRIPTIONS section of this web site.

CD based lesson plans have been phased out and replaced by WBT instructor guides that follow the online course content.  Authorized instructors using WBT instructor guides to teach ILT classes will be required to have a NeL account to facilitate the use of online screen content to augment ILT classes.  WBT instructor guides [and student guides] may be used without the support of online screen content but the PowerPoint style of graphic delivery [including photographs, bulleted information, and imbedded videos] will be unavailable.  Student guides can be downloaded from the WBT STUDENT GUIDES section of this web site.


NAVFAC P-307 ILT courses shall be taught by Navy Crane Center authorized instructors (AI).  Naval activities and contractors may opt to have their own personnel provide NAVFAC P-307 training courses [for internal use] in lieu of having personnel attend Navy Crane Center provided ILT classes.  In doing so, they accept the responsibility for having NCC authorized instructors.  To obtain authorized instructor status, the activity or contractor will need to provide information, as shown below, to Navy Crane Center.

Authorized instructor candidates shall satisfactorily complete the applicable course(s) to be taught and shall demonstrate subject knowledge and instructional skill [by teaching a training module] to the satisfaction of a currently authorized Navy Crane Center instructor.


1. For the General Crane Safety, Category 4 Crane Safety, and General Crane Safety Refresher courses, authorized instructor candidates shall also be [or have been] an experienced, licensed, and/or qualified category 1 and/or 4 crane operator. 

2.  For the Category 2 and Cab Operated Category 3 Crane Safety and Category 2 Crane Safety Refresher courses, authorized instructor candidates shall be [or have been] an experienced, licensed, and/or qualified category 2 and/or cab-operated category 3 crane operator.

3.  Category 3 Crane Safety (non-cab) ILT candidates shall have experience in category 2 and/or 3 crane operations.

4.  Maintenance ILT candidates are expected to have experience in the applicable trade.

5.  ILT candidates for the Load Test Director and Certifying Official courses must possess experience in crane operations and crane maintenance.

With the satisfactory completion of requirements and positive recommendation from the evaluating authorized instructor, candidates will then be authorized by the Navy Crane Center to teach the particular course(s) for the requesting activity or contractor. 

The requirement to demonstrate instructional proficiency is waived for personnel who possess current authorized instructor certificates (often identified as train-the-trainer or TTT certificates) issued by Navy Crane Center.  It is the responsibility of the individual to produce proof of pervious instructional proficiency when requesting authorized instructor status for subsequent training courses.  All other requirements apply.

Contractor personnel granted Navy Crane Center authorized instructor status are approved to train employees within the company (and current contract) for which they work at the time of authorization.  Authorized instructor status is void upon separation from that company (or termination of current contract).  Local rules, regulations, and contract requirements must be followed.  Authorization for contractors to train "all command personnel" (i.e., military, civilian and contractor) is considered a contractual matter.  The final authority as to whom a contractor may or may not instruct lies with the contract, the contractor, the Contracting Officer, and possibly the activity.

Military and civil service personnel granted Navy Crane Center authorized instructor status are approved to train military, civil service, and contractor personnel.  Local rules, regulations, and contract requirements must be followed.  Check with contracting officers prior to training contractor personnel.  Authorized instructor status is void upon separation from service.

Requests for authorized instructor status shall be forwarded to Navy Crane Center (contact information shown below).  Submit a completed INSTRUCTOR CANDIDATE DATA (ICD) form via email with the following information:

·        Email request, including a narrative describing need, justification, and any pertinent background information about the candidate

·        ICD form:

·        Date of Request

·        Candidate information

·        Activity/organization information

·        Justification

·        Course title(s) requested

·        Contract information

·        Contracting Officer or Representative contact information

·        Requestor information

·        Certification information (check appropriate box)

·        Signature and date of AI/Official

·        Supporting documentation

Updating existing AI information may be done with the INSTRUCTOR STATUS FORM.





Navy Crane Center, MS 0752
Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Bldg. 491
Portsmouth, VA  23709-5000



Office: 757-967-4185
DSN: 387-4185





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