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NCC Safety Videos

Accident Prevention

   Seven crane accident prevention lessons learned videos assist activities in raising the level of safety awareness among their personnel involved in weight handling operations.  The target audience for these videos is crane operations and rigging personnel and their supervisors.  These videos provide a very useful mechanism for emphasizing the impact that the human element can have on safe weight handling operations.  Request these videos by e-mailing or click below to download the videos.

NCC1 Communications Breakdowns
NCC2 Crane Operator Inattention
NCC3 Rigger Inattention
NCC4 Travel Path
NCC5 Rushing, Taking Risks, Shortcuts, Lack of Planning Lifts
NCC6 Injuries Caused by Inattention
NCC7 Crane Team Fatality

Weight Handling Program for Commanding Officers

"Weight Handling Program for Commanding Officers" provides an executive summary of the salient program requirements and critical command responsibilities associated with shore activity weight handling programs.  The video covers NAVFAC P-307 requirements and activity responsibilities.  Please click below to download the video.

 Weight Handling Program for Commanding Officer (31 minutes)

Mobile Crane Safety

"Mobile Crane Safety" covers seven topics: laying a foundation for safety, teamwork, crane setup, understanding crane capacities, rigging considerations, safe operating procedures, and traveling and securing mobile cranes.  The video is available at (PIN 806721) or click below to download the video.

 Mobile Crane Safety

"Take Two" Briefing Video

"Take Two" Briefing Video - This video provides an overview on how to conduct effective pre-job briefings that ensures interactive involvement of the crane team in addressing responsibilities, procedures, precautions and operational risk management associated with a planned crane operation. The video was produced by Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.

 "Take Two" Briefing Video


Safe Rigging and Operation of Category 3 Cranes” provides an overview of safe operating principles and rigging practices associated with category 3 crane operations.  New and experienced operators may view this video to augment their training, improve their techniques, and to refresh themselves on the practices and principles for safely lifting equipment and materials with category 3 cranes.  Topics include: accident statistics, definitions and reporting procedures, pre-use inspections, load weight, center of gravity, selection and inspection of rigging gear, sling angle stress, chafing, D/d ratio, capacities and configurations, elements of safe operations, hand signals, and operational risk management (ORM).  This video is also available in a stand alone, topic driven, DVD format upon request.  Click here to request a stand alone DVD.


WHE Program Oversight Fundamentals

Reporting, analyzing, and resolving near misses and other surveillance data allows an activity to identify and reduce the impact of the inherent hazards on its people and equipment. This presentation demonstrates the need to establish a culture throughout the activity to help identify and minimize any potential events that may grow out of the inherent hazards of day-to-day work.  The video starts with two real-life scenarios to help understand the type and severity of events that need to be avoided.  It goes on to discuss how, through data collection and trending, many of these inherent hazards can be identified and eliminated.  Three historical models, developed over many years of study and evaluation, are provided to support this concept and thereby minimizing the opportunities for any type of major event to occur at all.  Finally, a few clarifying points and definitions about Navy crane accidents and a near misses will be provided. 

 WHE Program Event Identification and Prevention Triangle Video  (95.9 MB)
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