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Celebrating Excellence: NAVFAC Northwest Recognizes Exceptional Talent in Construction, Design, and Engineering

11 March 2024

From NAVFAC Northwest

In the realm of engineering and construction, the dedication and expertise of individuals often shape the success of projects, ensuring their completion with efficiency and excellence. This year, Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC) Northwest proudly honors outstanding professionals whose remarkable contributions have set new standards within their respective fields.

In the realm of engineering and construction, the dedication and expertise of individuals often shape the success of projects, ensuring their completion with efficiency and excellence. This year, Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC) Northwest proudly honors outstanding professionals whose remarkable contributions have set new standards within their respective fields.

2024 NAVFAC Northwest Military Engineer of the Year

Lt. Cmdr. Philip Moncayo, NAVFAC Northwest Facilities Engineering Acquisition (FEAD) Director at Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton, received the 2024 Military Engineer of the Year Award for his efforts executing critical construction projects at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility (PSNS & IMF).

With over 12 years of active-duty service, and a wealth of experience garnered from previous assignments, including at NAVFAC Middle-Atlantic, Moncayo’s expertise and leadership have been instrumental in navigating the complex challenges associated with military construction projects at the Navy’s shipyards.

“Philip continues to set the bar high for junior officers in the Civil Engineer Corps,” said Capt. Brent Paul, NAVFAC Northwest Commanding Officer. “I’ve witnessed firsthand Philip’s ability to recognize the unique strengths of each team member and effectively utilize their expertise. He goes above and beyond to provide the necessary training for his team, enhancing their versatility in applying their skills. It’s this proactive mindset that distinguishes a good junior officer from a truly exceptional one.”

When asked about the significance of earning the Military Engineer of the Year award, Moncayo emphasized the contributions of his team, stating, “For FEAD Bremerton, this award represents our multi-disciplined team of construction professionals, contract specialists, performance assessment representatives, and countless others.”

2024 NAVFAC Northwest Civilian Engineer of the Year

Justin Nodolf, P.E., was honored with the 2024 Civilian Engineer of the Year award, marking his second recognition within the NAVFAC enterprise as an outstanding engineer.

In his role as resident engineer in charge of construction (REICC), Nodolf has exhibited outstanding leadership and expertise while spearheading NAVFAC’s design and construction mitigation response in the face of seismic vulnerabilities affecting critical dry docks at PSNS & IMF.

“Justin has brought a wealth of experience and dedication to his role,” said Paul. “When considering candidates for the REICC position, Justin unquestionably stood out. He boasts a track record of success in tackling intricate challenges within naval facilities, consistently delivering impactful solutions.”

Nodolf expressed gratitude for the command’s recognition, emphasizing the team’s collective effort.

“It’s an honor to receive this award,” said Nodolf. “It underscores our team’s dedication to our projects and the greater Navy mission.”
When asked about his passion for his work, Nodolf emphasized the magnitude and scope of the project he’s involved in, along with the rewarding nature of the problem-solving challenges they present.

“By spending time on construction sites, I’ve learned how to translate design concepts into reality,” said Nodolf. “It’s important to understand the fundamental principles that underpin success in the field of engineering.”

2024 NAVFAC Northwest Architect, Landscape Architect & Interior Designer of the Year

Natasya Needham, RLA, NAVFAC Northwest Data Hub and Systems Management Director, was awarded the 2024 NAVFAC Northwest Architect, Landscape Architect, and Interior Designer of the Year Award.
Needham joined NAVFAC Northwest in 2022 as a senior planner after a decade of experience in civil service across various Armed Forces.

“Since Natasya joined our team, she has exhibited exceptional leadership, professionalism, and dedication to her trade,” said Paul.

“Leading the development and award of two task orders to support one of the Navy’s top priority shore programs is not a small feat, but Natasya handled it with extraordinary skill and immediately proved her value.”

Needham expressed a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for the support and collaboration within the entire NAVFAC Northwest team.

“Receiving this award holds significant meaning for me,” said Needham. “It acknowledges not just my efforts, but also the dedication and hard work of my colleagues. Often, the spotlight shines on the execution phase of projects, overlooking the invaluable contributions of the pre-execution workforce. It’s crucial to recognize their role as they play an essential part in shaping the success of projects.”

When asked what advice Needham would provide to newcomers in the field of architecture and design, she emphasized the importance of staying open-minded, seizing opportunities, and embracing challenges.

“Key skills learned in landscape and architecture design school, such as analytical and creative abilities, are essential for leadership in various disciplines,” said Needham. “My advice to newcomers is not to hesitate when it comes to relocating for a job or stepping out of their comfort zone. While it may feel daunting initially, it offers opportunities for professional networking that will undoubtedly prove beneficial in the long run.”

2024 NAVFAC Northwest Supervisor of the Year

Mark Thresher, NAVFAC Northwest Facilities Support Contracts Branch Manager, was awarded the 2024 Supervisor of the Year Award. His exceptional versatility and leadership were recognized for stepping in to cover the responsibilities of three supervisors within the Bremerton Facilities Engineering Acquisition Division while still ensuring his availability for direct reports and operational requirements.

“Mark exemplifies the spirit of leadership and teamwork at NAVFAC Northwest,” said Paul.

“If I were to offer advice to my younger self embarking on a career in the federal government, I would emphasize three key principles: patience, adaptability, and maintaining positive relationships,” said Thresher. “Over my 20 years in the military and 16 years in civil service, I’ve learned the importance of remaining patient during challenges, being willing to adapt to change, and never burning bridges with colleagues or contacts. These principles have guided me throughout my career and continue to shape my approach to leadership and professional growth.”

“Mark is a true positive change agent and motivator at Public Works Department Kitsap-Bremerton, making a meaningful difference every single day,” said Paul.

2024 NAVFAC Northwest Employee of the Year

Mike Jones, NAVFAC Northwest Planning Design and Construction (PD1) Program Manager was honored with the 2024 Employee of the Year Award for his exemplary leadership, proficiency in his field, and innovative problem-solving skills, distinguishing him as a standout candidate for this year’s recognition.

“Mike’s leadership has been nothing short of exceptional,” said Paul. “In his role, he adeptly navigates complex engineering challenges, demonstrating a level of finesse crucial to our operations. It is this characteristic that propels our military construction initiatives forward with a steadfast vision for excellence.”

Passionate about his work within military construction, Jones acknowledges the collaborative efforts of NAVFAC Headquarters, NAVFAC Pacific, and the support roles at NAVFAC Northwest in ensuring each directorate remains successful.

“Receiving the Employee of the Year Award is genuinely humbling,” said Jones. “It’s a recognition not just of my efforts, but of the hard work and dedication of my entire team over many years.”

When asked what advice he would provide someone interested in joining the Civil Engineer Corps, or working as an engineer in general, Jones said, “Learning to overcommunicate is a valuable lesson I’ve learned from my years of experience working in civil service. It’s essential for navigating the complexities of the field and driving projects forward.”

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